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Engage Garage Doors & Gates provide the whole host of garage door and gate automation solutions for your home, building and commercial premises.

Every garage door motor, gate motor or automation accessory fitted by Engage is installed with a high level of mechanical and electrical skill.

It is the attention to detail and level of workmanship which separates Engage Garage Doors & Gates from our competition.

The garage door and gate market is plagued with inferior, generic and sub-par openers with little R&D and reputation which fail to live up to expectation and general use. Quite often resulting in constant breakdowns and issues and eventually getting replaced for a quality substitute.

Rest easy and trust that the motors recommended and installed by Engage Garage Doors & Gates have been tested, have a good reputation and will provide you with years of trouble free operation.

See below for more detail on the types of automated openers, motors and accessories we provide.


Garage Door openers and motors

A reliable garage door opener is considered a necessity in a modern home. Let us help you gain convenience with our quality garage door motor installations. The market is plagued with inferior generic openers. Trust that Engage will see you right with a quality opener, which can be relied on to operate many years without hassle.

From the smallest, lightest colourbond roller door, to the largest commercial car park entry's, we have a solution to meet your needs, expectations and budget.

Every garage door motor installed by Engage also includes a garage door service to ensure correct operation and longevity.


Swing gate openers and motors

Swing gate motors are a specialty for Engage Garage Doors & Gates. Swing gate openers are by far, the most demanding and difficult to install correctly. Far too often swing gate openers are installed incorrectly using sub par methods and incorrect geometry. The seperate electric control board requires much more attention to detail regarding wiring and electrical install. A swing gate opener installed by Engage is guaranteed to be an opener of quality, set up with correct geometry, high quality welding and professional installation of electrical equipment.



Sliding gate openers and motors

Engage Garage Doors & Gates are available for installation of both replacement and new sliding gate openers. If your current sliding gate does not currently have a formed concrete pad to allow a motor install, this is something we can provide as part of our service. All Engage sliding gate motor installations include a full service and inspection of the whole gate system to ensure reliable future operation and increased longevity of the opener


Roller door openers and motors

Engage Garage Doors & Gates provides replacement or new installations of roller door motors and openers. Included in the install process is a full service of the garage door and any needed modifications or adjustments to accept an opener and provide longevity and reliability of the motors service life.


Logic control boards

Logic control boards are the 'brain' of any good automated entrance system. There are a multitude of different features and abilities which are added to the system via different control equipment. The boards and hardware however will not be reliable if the equipment are not suitable for the scenario, wired haphazardly, or programmed incorrectly.

Engage Garage Doors & Gates provide quality components to suit your application and installed to high standards. 

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Remotes, Keypads and other accessories

Engage Garage Doors & Gates provides a full range or accessories to compliment your automated access system.

Some of which include:

  • Garage door remotes

  • Gate remotes

  • Locks

  • Access keypads

  • Photo electric safety beams

  • Wifi enabled access kits

And many more. If you require it, we can source and install the hardware to achieve your goals.