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biowood garage door

We at Engage Garage Doors specialize in hand crafted custom sectional overhead panel doors, tailored to your needs and desires. 

We will work with you to create a vision and make that vision become a reality.

We are leaders in installation of flush fitments with seamless integration including façade 

cladding and main pedestrian pivot doors.

In terms of design, we have a natural creative flair and have vast knowledge of constructing garage doors out of almost every material possible and have the skill to create one off originals based off your ideas.

These custom garage doors are different beasts in comparison to standard mass produced garage doors. It is important to choose a company who truly understands the requirements to construct and install a beautiful, safe & secure product that will stand the test of time.


colourbond roller door

Colourbond garage doors are the go to for economical, reliable and simple door solutions.

We supply colourbond sectional panel doors, roller doors and tilt doors from either of Australia's colourbond door manufacturers.


The difference between Engage and the rest, is the level of skill and expertise derived from custom door installation and commercial service. Using our combined experience, we install to a top tier level with all consideration to structural security and the longevity of an issue free installation. Sadly this is a quality lacking throughout this industry when it comes to colourbond garage door installation, with a large number of subcontract installers who have the goal, 'as fast as possible'.

This is definitely not the case with Engage.


Ata gate motor

 Advanced skills in both mechanical and electrical repairs is the most accurate way to describe a technician booked from Engage Garage Doors & Gates Sydney.

We pride ourselves in our top notch, expert gate repairs, which require a much higher level of knowledge and skill to ensure correct operation than that of a garage door. Unfortunately many garage door and gate companies in Sydney lack in this area resulting in a large number of automated gates running incorrectly or unreliably.

If you are having any issues with your sectional panel door, roller door, tilt door or automated gates, give us a call now.

We guarantee the highest level of skill and workmanship as well as solutions tailored to your own needs and budget.

Engage is not the place where you will be billed a call-out fee to be sent a junior technician and be left with sub standard results or a door operating even worse.

Stocked with a wide variety of spare parts, we aim to complete the repair on the day. If that is not possible, we will return to complete the job with the correct parts to achieve the best result. "Bodge it up and get it going" is not an option in our minds.

There are no cut corners when a repair is completed by Engage Garage Doors & Gates.