Engage Garage Doors & Gates provide Installation, Service and repair on all Strata & Commercial automatic access assets within the Sydney area, including but not limited to: Sectional doors, Swing and sliding gates, Roller shutters, Boom gates, Tilt doors.
When it come to Strata & Commercial automatic gates and doors, there is a higher requirement of parts, Knowledge, mechanical and electrical skill required in comparison to residential solutions. This higher part requirement and technician skill is often missed or ignored, resulting in preventable failure of parts and systems when used on an automatic gate or garage door exposed to much higher cycles, usage and demand.
The Knowledge, correct parts and skill required is here, guaranteed to you.
Engage Garage Doors & Gates Sydney have you covered with expert experience and true tradesman skills. 
Our goal is prevention of breakdowns through excellence of workmanship and communication.
Engage Garage Doors & Gates stay true to our core values of:

Integrity, Quality, Communication, Honesty

Preventative Maintenance
and Servicing


Engage Garage Doors and Gates understand that it is essential for both residential strata housing and commercial entrance ways to be reliably operating 24/7.

We offer thorough preventative maintenance servicing in both once-off servicing and scheduled servicing agreements to ensure reliability and long service.

Too often maintenance and servicing is left to the most junior, lowest skill and least paid technicians, with ensuing breakdowns handled by the more experienced. That is not the philosophy of Engage Garage Doors & Gates. All servicing and maintenance is performed by the most competent technicians as it takes the most competent to identify and rectify issues before they even occur. We assign individual technicians to specific automatic assets to ensure ownership and pride of work, as well as complete background knowledge of that asset and accountability for performance.

All services and maintenance contracts include detailed reports of current issues and expected time frames of service. We ensure the client is well aware of condition and work being done.

Communication is key and minimalization of breakdowns and disruption is the goal.

Contact us not for options for your Strata building or Commercial premisis.

Repairs, Breakdowns and Reconditioning


Unfortunately breakdowns can happen to older or neglected automatic entrances. One of these breakdowns within a strata buildings or commercial premises can cause havoc, loss of business, loss of security and many other inconveniences. Of course optimal servicing and maintenance prevents the vast majority of breakdowns, they can not prevent impact damage or electrical surges. Engage Garage Doors and gates are stocked and ready to attend, repair and get that entranceway operating quickly and efficiently. At the very least, have the equipment cleared and secured for safe access and exit.

We provide Reconditioning services to combat further breakdowns. It is not good enough to 'just get it going', we ensure the entrance asset is re-instated in a much more reliable and rejuvenated condition, saving the owners future expense and disruption.

Strata and Commercial Service as a priority


Engage Garage Doors & Gates prioritizes all Strata and Commercial breakdowns, repairs and installations. We go even further and prioritize existing clients and those with on-going service agreements to ensure we reward the people who support us, provide a meaningful efficient service and retain the relationships which are most important to us.

Strata and commercial enquiries and services are met with the utmost urgency, with access restricting emergancy breakdowns attended within 12hrs maximum lead time from 1st point of contact (usually much sooner).

General breakdowns and repairs whilst prioritized, are not subject to a 'Same Day Guarantee' as some other companies provide.

Our experience with guaranteed same day service is that the majority of the time, the closest most free technician gets sent to the job. This is rarely the right technician for the job and leads to insufficient workmanship and poor outcomes. That is a quality compromise Engage Garage Doors & gates will not make.